Six months after the BIG move

So today is July 20, 2009 … I meant to write about this six months ago but have been too busy (as you can see from the scarcity of posts in that time period). The BIG move at the White House when one first family moves out and the next moves in.

I was amazed to hear about the logistics and expense of it all … 132 rooms, 93-person crew, 5 hours and millions of dollars in expenses go into making this one of the most intense moves ever.

Here’s a video from MSNBC:

We specialize in being flexible enough to do last-minute, quick or complex moves (combining two households into one for example), but this is really out there. Everything is put away by the end of six hours (not to mention painted, decorated and turn-key ready for the first family). If I remember right, they take it to the point of having food on-hand that the family likes – whew!

I bring this up now to ask any readers out there if they have been part of a super-fast move like this one … Anyone got a story? I know there are plenty over the years from the different families moving in and out of the White House.


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