Why we loooooooove October

Baseball and beisbol!!!  October means not just the playoffs/world series …. it’s when the baseball season begins for Venezuela’s professional baseball (see the logo at right).

Both of us (Ruben and Gonzalo, the owners of the company) played baseball, which is what brought us to the United States from Venezuela.  Check out our website bios to learn more about our years playing baseball.

We’ve been watching Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers, Francisco Cervelli of the Yankees as well as Guillermo Rodriguez and Pablo Sandoval (Kung Fu Panda) with the Giants.  There are probably more but those are the ones we know of …

We’re also watching the Venezuelan baseball league as they get started, specifically los Tiburones de la Guaira (Ruben) los Cardenales de Lara (Gonzalo) and los Leones de Caracas where our friend Adolfo Gonzalez is playing this season.


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