How to save money on storage

People in Florida (and I imagine everywhere in the south) are crazy for ‘climate-controlled’ storage.  These self-store facilities are everywhere down here!  While it has its benefits for storing delicate items like computer equipment or antiques, we suggest you consider the alternative – secure storage with Stronger Moving & Delivery Service.

storage at Stronger – see more pics

 We have a 5,000 square-foot storage facility on the premises.  What are the benefits of storing your stuff with us?

  1. Cheaper than climate-controlled storage because we don’t have those big electricity bills to pass on to you.
  2. Just as, if not more secure – no one is coming in or out of our storage except us.
  3. Full service – do you really want to spend your free time driving, loading and unloading into a storage locker?!  Let us do it for you!

Maybe you have to make room for the holidays …. Or want a place to store special gifts …. Perhaps you need to de-clutter a home you’re trying to sell … Any reason you might have for storing your stuff, please give us a call, you’ll like our prices.


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