Nervous about an open tab? Ask for a flat rate

Let me preface this post by saying that in the past 10 jobs we estimated, we were smack in the middle – on average $30 above our lowest estimated price and $50 below our highest estimated price.  And let me make a few more points

  • we try to estimate conservatively: estimate more, charge less
  • we round down not up (a job ending at 3:05 would be rounded down to 3:00)
  • we bill by the quarter hour (A job ending at 3:20 would be billed as ending at 3:15)
  • you only pay for what we work, not what we estimate

That being said, some clients are still anxious about the final cost of their move.  The thought of what they perceive to be an open-ended bill starting at $80 an hour can a little nerve-wracking.  I understand, that’s why we offer flat rates.

What’s a flat rate?  Seeing a job firsthand allows us to make our most accurate estimate (although those mentioned above were done over the phone and we did pretty darn well).  If we can come visit and see your move personally to make a firsthand estimate, we propose a fixed price.  This is essentially and agreement where you say “here’s what I have” and we say “we’ll move it for this price no matter what.”

But wait there’s more … Caps!  With Stronger, we often negotiate flat rate jobs with a cap.  This is us saying “we’ll move it for this price BUT if the time we work ends up being less, you’ll pay the lower price.”

So if you’re ready to move but nervous about how moving companies typically conduct their billing, call us and we’ll work out a flat rate / flat rate cap job with you.


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Co-owner, Stronger Moving & Delivery Service, Inc.
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