I hardly know the guy!!

Caught this episode of Seinfeld last night about moving. What’s more it had Keith Hernandez the Mets first baseman when they won the 1986 World Series.  Moving and baseball on Seinfeld – we loved it!  Here’s a clip:


The best part was in the dialogue between Jerry and Keith about his moving job:

KEITH: Yeah there’s a box spring but it’s attached to the headboard and we’ll have to take
that apart. Then we got the couch.
JERRY: Is that a sectional?
KEITH: Yeah. Twelve pieces and a marble coffee table.
JERRY: Is that a thick marble?
KEITH: Three inches thick. Got it in Italy. But the BIG problem is going to be the
convertible sofa. You see when you move it it tends to open up so it’s going to be
real difficult getting it down the stairs.
JERRY: STAIRS??? There’s no elevator?

They should have called us!!  Box springs, headboards, sectional sofas, three-inch-thick marble-top coffee tables and a convertible sofa with no elevator?  No problem! 

Whether it’s moving your furniture or driving to the airport, don’t put your friends (or guys you hardly know!) in that position.  We may not be able to help you with the airport trip but we can definitely help with your next move.  Call us!


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