Deck the halls … and clean the closets!

Guests coming?  Entertaining and need space?  This time of year finds us digging deep into closets, cupboards and sheds to bring out the holiday cheer.  While happy and fun, always that little voice in the back of our minds is … Ugh, come January we have to put (cram!) all this stuff back in where it came from.

An idea to consider is to store your Holiday items and any other stuff taking up valuable closet space with Stronger.  Competitive prices and a secure facility are just the beginning.  We offer turnkey moving services so all you have to do is “point and click” to tell us what needs to go and when you need it back – full service at its best!

Here is a great online resource for dealing with clutter during the Holiday season: clutter free holiday countdown (from Simple Organized Living).  You may think ‘well why add one more thing to my list!?!’  We say that there is no other time of year where you change your decor, dishes and furniture so much so why not?!  

As a bonus here in Florida, you can prep for a monster yard sale during “season” when all the snowbirds are here.  As a double-bonus you can donate unwanted items to round out your 2010 tax deductions (more on this later).  Hope your Holiday season is turning into a very merry one!


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