Start your New Year right …

Some wait for Spring to do their deep cleaning. Since Florida doesn’t have the traditional seasons, we got started this week! What has made the most difference for us is getting rid of stuff we no longer use or need.

Rather than letting perfectly good items go to waste, we always donate what is in good condition. Here are some of our favorite resources:

Furniture and household goods:

Manatee Habitat for Humanity 355-7082

Sarasota Habitat for Humanity 363-0777

South Sarasota Habitat 493-0529


All Faiths Food Bank (Sarasota) 379-6333

Food Bank of Manatee 747-FOOD (3662)


Goodwill 351-8945 (for home pick-up)

Salvation Army 1-800-958-7825

Of course there are many other places that welcome your donations and you may have your favorites already established. But if you have not, please look into these or do your own research because the charities who receive donations can turn the proceeds of sales into life-changing intervention programs.

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of cleaning out and making a fresh start in 2012 but also local nonprofits will be able to reach more families in need and do more good.


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