Why we’re in this business

An estimate we did this week reminded us of why we’re in this business. The client we visited said that his friend booked a mover he was planning to use and while their estimate was $400, when they walked through the door they immediately said “this is going to be closer to $1,000.”

Ouch! Needless to say he called and cancelled his reservation with them.

This story reminded me of why I started this business four years ago. Besides the usual reasons to go into business like being your own boss, we began Stronger to do moving the RIGHT way. As industry insiders, we had seen too much of the “ugly” side of this business: bait-and-switch estimates, sloppy work, overbooking, tardiness …

Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them. — Stephen R. Covey

Rather than dwell on the negative though, we are focused on how positive our crews are on every job. Consistently for the past four years, we have been able to stick to our standards of estimating as fairly and accurately as possible, training crews well, delivering excellent customer service and constantly monitoring quality.

So not that we like to “toot our own horn” but we think this commitment speaks for itself:

Our hope is that we can set a positive example of movers for everyone we come into contact with and they leave saying “I have heard a lot of nightmare stories, but this move was a dream.” At the end of the day, that’s what makes it worth it.


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Co-owner, Stronger Moving & Delivery Service, Inc.
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