Singing in the rain .. Moving in the rain!

Oh no, you’ve scheduled your move and a surprise Tropical Storm whips up from the Gulf of Mexico.  What can you expect from a moving company in inclement weather?

When we have a situation like this – a move day with rain forecasted or already coming down – we have a series of considerations.


  • Protect the client’s home.  Our crews will put a moving pad as well as “runners” on the floor.  There are two types of “runners,” which will either be plastic or rubber-backed cloth that stick to the floor.  These helps absorb water and keep floors from getting slippery or muddy.
  • Do prep work while it’s raining hardest.  Our moving crew will stay inside to pad and shrink-wrap the furniture as well as dis-assemble items like bed frames or desks.  Then, once skies are clearer, we have everything ready-to-go for loading the truck.
  • Stop the clock if rain stops the work.  Sometimes it is just too rainy to move – we’ve done everything indoors we can and the crew can’t continue to work safely or we can’t get the furniture and boxes out without drenching everything.  In this case, we stop the billing clock and take a break – not charging the client for the stopped time.

Some people ask us if they should cancel and re-schedule their move hoping for clearer skies.  We are always ready to accommodate re-scheduling requests but hopefully with these three considerations, clients will feel more comfortable sticking to their plans. 

So while we strive to be like the Postal Service in that “Neither snow nor rain nor heat …” will keep us from our duty to our clients, at least in Florida we don’t have to worry about the snow!


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Co-owner, Stronger Moving & Delivery Service, Inc.
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