Moving a Home Office: The 2 Most Common Questions

move home officeMaybe you’re moving from one home office to another, or better yet from somewhere with no room for an office into a place that allows you to have your own office space: Either way, it is important to plan moving this space because of the flexible, high-demand way you use this area.

The two most common questions we get about moving home offices are:

  1. “Do I need to take my files out of the filing cabinet?”
  2. “How should I move my computer and printer?” 


The answer to the first question is: no, you only need to remove the files if your move involves stairs.  Stronger’s moving crews do not turn filing cabinets on their sides during any move and only tilt the cabinet as we move them up stairs.  No stairs, no problem leaving the files in their drawers.

The answer to the second question depends on if you are moving the computer yourself or having the moving crew do it for you.  Stronger Moving recommends moving it with professional movers in the original or a well-packed, sturdy moving box.  However, if you prefer the DIY approach, moving a computer and its components in a personal vehicle is safe as well.

Moving is the logistical part of the process, we also encourage clients to think about the space as well. We came across this advice on designing a home office from Alison Bishop of Living Walls Furniture and Design in the July edition of Biz 941:

“You’re creating a workspace.  It’s got to help you be efficient and make you feel good about yourself … If you’re a paper piler, you need a lot of surface area.  If you are very organized, you need storage space. And if you don’t need a file more than once a year, it shouldn’t be in your work area …”

I would add that those files you need no more than once a year might be a good candidate for off-site storage.  Read the rest of Alison’s advice (page 3 in the online edition) and check out other expert advice from their “Great Ideas!” feature. 

However you design or re-design your home office, a professional mover can ensure you get everything from one place to another with ease.  Make sure any company you deal with can answer your questions about a home office move completely and to your satisfaction.


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