20 Questions to Ask Your Mover

mover with truck

Stronger’s professional movers secure a truck’s contents

Hiring someone to do a service for you can be intimidating.  Good advice I received on the subject taught me: It’s more important to ask questions than know all the answers.

Here are some questions to assist you in your evaluation of moving companies.  Any mover should be able to easily answer these to your satisfaction and we encourage you to ask Stronger Moving these and more questions.  A well-informed customer is a satisfied one.

  1. Is the moving company licensed?
  2. What kinds of (recent) references or testimonials can the moving company provide?
  3. Does the moving company have a minimum charge?
  4. Is there an extra charge for weekends, stairs or a fuel charge?
  5. Can the company provide their estimate in writing?
  6. Can the moving company explain why their quote is so much higher/lower than others (if this is the case)?
  7. Are the moving crews made up of regular employees or temporary workers like day laborers?
  8. What kind of training has the moving crew received in terms of caring for furniture and/or safety practices?
  9. What measures do you take to protect my property/home from damage?
  10. Are the trucks outfitted with professional moving equipment like pads, shrink wrap, dollies etc.?

These are just 10 of our “20 Questions” anyone considering hiring movers should ask.  For the entire list, please visit Stronger’s website.  What questions would you add to the list?


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