How Will I Know? Tips for Finding a Great Moving Company

moving Heritage Harbour

Moving into a brand new home in Heritage Harbour

Unfortunately, we get calls from people who have had bad experiences with movers who did not show, lacked professional moving equipment, damaged their furniture and in general were very unprofessional.  As the saying goes: “a few bad apples …”

Besides contacting Stronger Moving & Delivery right away (had to put that in there – after all we are the authors of this post!), here are a few other tips to help you have a wonderful moving experience on your big day:

  1. Consider the source … How did you find the company?  Google is a great tool, but not always your best bet for finding a moving company (read here about the rise of fraud internet-based move brokers).  Referrals can be the best way to find a reputable company.  Ask your friends and family, realtor or the manager of the complex where you will be moving.
  2. Check their papers … Is the company accredited?  Licensed? Member of a professional organization?  If you cannot find a good referral, check your prospective moving company’s memberships.  Are they Better Business Bureau members?  Chamber members?  Are they list on Angie’s List? For moves in the State of Florida, check out the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service’s website.  All movers should readily display their IM # (Stronger’s is IM1644).  No IM number?  You may not be dealing with a licensed mover.
  3. Compare, compare, compare … Get at least three estimates for your move.  Make sure you’re speaking with an actual rep of the company, not a broker.  Get an in-person estimate if possible.  If you conduct an estimate over the phone, ask the person you spoke with to fax or e-mail you a copy so you have it in writing.  Ask questions about anything you need to know or that sounds out of the ordinary (see our list).  If one estimate sounds too high or too good to be true, ask why.

These three tips should ensure you have next to nothing to worry about on your moving day.  Should something go wrong, you have recourse: you will have everything in writing and be able to file a complaint with the appropriate organizations.  Happy moving!


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