Tech That Helps You Move – Planning Tools for iPad

iPad app for movingREVIEW #1

State Farm’s MoveTools for iPad

Publisher’s Summary: “Designed specifically for the iPad, MoveTools gives you everything you need to manage your move from start to finish.”

Overall: This is great app for people have not moved recently or are daunted by moving and want help organizing everything.  Great visuals, a few issues with practicality but great extra features like inventory list and label-making features.

Specifics: We found the timeline a little awkward, specifically the dates seemed a little out of whack.  Maybe they would be more in-line with an interstate move than a local move though. 

We really liked the visual drag-and-drop to account for furniture, accessories and other belongings that go in boxes.  This would be especially great for someone who is having professional packers as it would help them track what is in their boxes even though they did not pack them. 

For the DIY-ers (Do-It-Yourself pack and movers), this would probably go most quickly  if someone were helping you.  Otherwise it seems like you do double work – packing boxes virtually then packing again in real life.

This drag-and-drop feature is great for creating a home inventory, which the app does for you once you have listed everything you are packing/moving.  Moving is a opportune time to document your possessions if you can spare some extra time.  This app cuts down on the time it takes to make a home inventory.

Another handy feature of this app is that it automatically generates descriptive labels for your boxes.  Great if you have both the labels (Avery 8168 or equivalent) and a printer handy to create them as you seal boxes.

Grade: B+

More about the app at

Download this app from itunes

Stay tuned for our review of ‘iMoving” a moving-specific app for iPad next week.


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