Part 2 – Tech That Helps You Move

moving app screenREVIEW #2 (See last week’s review of MoveTools here)


Publisher’s Summary: “iMoving is a one-of-a-kind application that allows you to easily create a list of the contents of your home, providing you with estimates in weight and cubic feet, and with this information in hand, get reliable quotes from a wide selection of moving companies.”

Overall: Very good basic app to help you get estimates for moving, lacks some of the bells and whistles of other moving-related apps but easy to use and comprehensive.

Specifics: We were impressed with the comprehensive lists of furniture users can choose from when listing what needs to be moved.  So impressed we even took some notes for improving our own estimate sheets.  However for some users, it may be a little overwhelming.  While the lists were long, the descriptions were pretty strait-forward and it was easy to add/subtract items (multiple book cases, for example).

Another great feature of this app is the automatic calculation of weight and volume.  Although we are not sure about the math that creates this calculation, it is a handy resource for someone planning an interstate move.

In addition, this app has the option to send the information directly to registered moving companies – of which Stronger Moving & Delivery is one.  The app prepares your information two ways – one that is sent directly to the movers who have registered with iMoving and the other as text you can e-mail to movers you would like to use.

Grade: A-


More about the app at


Download this app from itunes


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