Boxes: An Ode to the Wardrobe

moving supplies wardrobe box

wardrobe boxes safely stacked to protect contents

Movers know boxes.

We see them every day,

Like putting on comfy soxes,

They start a move the right way.


Okay so poet I am not … But let me share a few tips about one of our “favorite” boxes – the wardrobe box.  Of all the moving supplies, this is perhaps our favorite.  We order ours from Chris Lapi Moving Supplies in Tampa but they are available for retail purchase at almost any storage or moving supply place.


What is a wardrobe box?  It is a large box with a metal bar insert that allows clothing hanging in a closet to be easily moved without having to un-hang and re-hang everything.

How do wardrobe boxes work? After setting them up like any other box,:

  • Open the box and place the metal bar through the slots
  • Hang about 2 linear feet of clothing on hangers
  • Use space in the bottom of the box  for large but light (and unbreakable) items like pillows, shoes or bedding.

Why do we love wardrobes so much? They save the client time and make the professional movers job a little easier.  In addition, wardrobe boxes are:

  • Great for stacking in the moving truck
  • Can be used (sans hanging bar) for large pieces that are odd-shaped and need the protection of a moving box (think lamps, sculptures, silk plants).

When you call to discuss your move, we’ll ask how many wardrobe boxes you need.  Although we normally charge a $5 rental fee (or $15 to purchase them), if you mention this blog post, we’ll waive the rental fee (sorry, still have to pay if you want to buy them).  That’s right, FREE moving supplies to use on the day of your move.  That’s how much we love wardrobe boxes.


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