Moving Madness in Montreal

sarasota moving companyBusy, busy busy …. That’s the only way I can describe these past 10 days.  Fortunately for our Sarasota-based moving company we have been very busing packing and moving folks between the end of June and beginning of July.

But if we think we’re busy, it’s nothing compared to the “moving madness” in Montreal, Quebec.  July 1st is Canada Day everywhere in our neighbor to the north but for Montreal it is also “Moving Day (or “Fête du déménagement” in French).  Rooted in historical traditions that forbid lords from evicting people in the cold winter months, a huge portion of leases expire on July 1st.  And in a city where only 36% of people own their home, the huge group of renters scramble to get moved on or around July 1.

What’s more, due to building and tax laws, many properties are narrow with winding circular stairs leading to upper floors.  I cannot imagine taking a full-sized refrigerator up 4 flights of winding metal stairs on a hot July day (I’ve heard it does actually get warm in Canada in the summer).

One recent development related to Moving Day in Montreal is the appearance of bicycle movers – bikes outfitted with heavy-duty trailers that can move a whole household, albeit in a few trips.  Phew!  And we thought moving in the Florida heat was heavy duty – “Bon Courage” brothers!  You Montreal bike movers are serious movers!


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