Back from Vacation – Like We Never Left!

small business owner vacationIt’s amazing how owning a small busniess changes your life – almost as much as having children as they demand the same from your schedule.  Prime example: vacations are no longer vacations.  At least the way they used to be.

We are back from a week vacation.  Fortunately because our small business has two partners, we can each take time off while the other partner covers the daily operations.  That’s great. 

It’s still not easy though.  A few thoughts on taking vacation when you are a small business owner:

  • phone – make sure you have GREAT reception
  • remote access – set up the main computer for remote access (printing etc.)
  • communication with home – keep in touch with the person who is running the day-to-day operations and make sure you both fill each other in on what’s happening
  • RELAX! – so we did not answer every call as soon as it came in but we still made return phone calls and, more importantly, found time to relax.

What’s more important that $$$$? Memories, priceless.  Do you have any tips for managing work from afar while still enjoying time off?  Thanks and have a happy summer – what’s left of it!


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Co-owner, Stronger Moving & Delivery Service, Inc.
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