Talkin’ Shop with Load Lifters

bradenton moving companyWhen you live in a small town, you know everyone.  When you run a small business, you’re expected to know everything (ie – accounting, marketing, operations, HR and the list goes on).  When you run a small business in a small town you don’t have competitors, you have friends in the business.

Today we had a great visit with Cory and Chris from Load Lifters, LLC.  We’ve known Cory for years and were happy to see that he and Chris are following their own path by starting a business.  A good path it is.  Difficult at times but nothing worthwhile is easy, right?

This got us reflecting on some lessons we’ve learned in the 5 years we’ve been in business.  Aside from the logistical aspects of running a business, the best thing we could think of was to grow your business at YOUR pace and don’t rush.  If it’s working for you, then it’s working.

And by the way, Load Lifters, LLC specializes in small moves like store deliveries.  Stronger Moving also does this sort of work but it is not our specialty.  When we get calls for small moves that people are shopping for different prices, we often refer to Chris and Cory.  Thanks guys for stopping in to talk shop – the moving industry is never dull!


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