Tips for packing books

packing_booksPacking books?  Whether you are moving an extensive collection or just enough to fill a box, here is a step-by-step guide for how to pack your books:

  1. only use the SMALLEST boxes for books
  2. place the books in the box vertically
  3. completely fill the first layer so no books shift around
  4. if space, stack another layer of books
  5. if still space in the top, crush paper and fill box to the top so nothing shifts

If you are planning to store the boxes, do not wrap in plastic as it traps the humidity inside.  Make sure to seal any boxes with tape and label on the sides as well as the tops.

For the actual move, determine in advance where the shelves will go, particularly if you have an extensive collection.  This will allow you to unpack more quickly.  For clients with children, they often have the book shelves anchored to the walls to eliminate any chance of tipping.

Finally, have you considered joining the digital revolution?  You could save money on your move by eliminating book boxes all together and going to en e-reader.  Your book donation could help a local school, library or Goodwill tremendously and free you up.


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