Moving Electronics


General Electric’s 1978 Widescreen TV from

Your computer, printer, stereo, television, DVR, cable box, PS4 … Moving to a new place is more complicated than it used to be with all of the contraptions and cables we have nowadays.

However, complicated doesn’t have to mean stressful or chaotic if you take some time to prepare your electronics before your next move.

If you need to move electronics, follow these steps and you’ll breeze right through the set-up at your new place.

Before things start going in boxes, carefully dis-assemble the pieces:

  1. Back up all files
  2. Take out disks
  3. Label cords as you disconnect them (we like the bread tags idea)
  4. Wind up and secure cords with twist ties
  5. Put all related cords in zip-loc bags and label
  6. Keep electronics and cord bags together

Much like anything you pack for a move you want weight evenly distributed in the box and the contents packed / cushion tightly so nothing shifts around inside.

  1. Find anti-static packing materials if you are concerned delicate electronics (wrap, bags or peanuts) … in most cases paper is better than plastic or styrofoam
  2. Make a cushion on the bottom of the box
  3. Put heaviest / largest items in first
  4. Cover with packing materials
  5. Add any other items that fit, especially the coordinating cables, remotes, speakers etc.
  6. Fill around items and stuff box to brim so items fit tightly inside
  7. Seal box and label on the top as well as sides for easy identification

Believe me, we’re much happier to move today’s gadgets and gizmos than the type they had to move 35 years ago (check out the 1978 widescreen in the pic above!  Yikes!).

Have you come across any other good tips for moving technology and electronics?  Post them in the comments!


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