Talkin’ Shop with Load Lifters

bradenton moving companyWhen you live in a small town, you know everyone.  When you run a small business, you’re expected to know everything (ie – accounting, marketing, operations, HR and the list goes on).  When you run a small business in a small town you don’t have competitors, you have friends in the business.

Today we had a great visit with Cory and Chris from Load Lifters, LLC.  We’ve known Cory for years and were happy to see that he and Chris are following their own path by starting a business.  A good path it is.  Difficult at times but nothing worthwhile is easy, right?

This got us reflecting on some lessons we’ve learned in the 5 years we’ve been in business.  Aside from the logistical aspects of running a business, the best thing we could think of was to grow your business at YOUR pace and don’t rush.  If it’s working for you, then it’s working.

And by the way, Load Lifters, LLC specializes in small moves like store deliveries.  Stronger Moving also does this sort of work but it is not our specialty.  When we get calls for small moves that people are shopping for different prices, we often refer to Chris and Cory.  Thanks guys for stopping in to talk shop – the moving industry is never dull!

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Back from Vacation – Like We Never Left!

small business owner vacationIt’s amazing how owning a small busniess changes your life – almost as much as having children as they demand the same from your schedule.  Prime example: vacations are no longer vacations.  At least the way they used to be.

We are back from a week vacation.  Fortunately because our small business has two partners, we can each take time off while the other partner covers the daily operations.  That’s great. 

It’s still not easy though.  A few thoughts on taking vacation when you are a small business owner:

  • phone – make sure you have GREAT reception
  • remote access – set up the main computer for remote access (printing etc.)
  • communication with home – keep in touch with the person who is running the day-to-day operations and make sure you both fill each other in on what’s happening
  • RELAX! – so we did not answer every call as soon as it came in but we still made return phone calls and, more importantly, found time to relax.

What’s more important that $$$$? Memories, priceless.  Do you have any tips for managing work from afar while still enjoying time off?  Thanks and have a happy summer – what’s left of it!

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Getting to Know Our Future Moves

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Congratulations to Lennar’s Southwest Florida Division! We attended the ground-breaking of their newest community Bridgewater. Great to see Florida Senator Bill Galvano and hear his supportive remarks. With nearly 300 new homes slated for the Lakewood Ranch area, we look … Continue reading

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Moving Madness in Montreal

sarasota moving companyBusy, busy busy …. That’s the only way I can describe these past 10 days.  Fortunately for our Sarasota-based moving company we have been very busing packing and moving folks between the end of June and beginning of July.

But if we think we’re busy, it’s nothing compared to the “moving madness” in Montreal, Quebec.  July 1st is Canada Day everywhere in our neighbor to the north but for Montreal it is also “Moving Day (or “Fête du déménagement” in French).  Rooted in historical traditions that forbid lords from evicting people in the cold winter months, a huge portion of leases expire on July 1st.  And in a city where only 36% of people own their home, the huge group of renters scramble to get moved on or around July 1.

What’s more, due to building and tax laws, many properties are narrow with winding circular stairs leading to upper floors.  I cannot imagine taking a full-sized refrigerator up 4 flights of winding metal stairs on a hot July day (I’ve heard it does actually get warm in Canada in the summer).

One recent development related to Moving Day in Montreal is the appearance of bicycle movers – bikes outfitted with heavy-duty trailers that can move a whole household, albeit in a few trips.  Phew!  And we thought moving in the Florida heat was heavy duty – “Bon Courage” brothers!  You Montreal bike movers are serious movers!

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It’s the little things …

packing picture framesPacking a client’s picture frames this week reminded me of a good moving tip I read recently. 

When you have something very small but fragile and / or valuable. wrap it in brightly colored paper as you pack it in a box with other belongings.  This way you will be sure you see it when you unpack and don’t accidentally forget it to be thrown away with packing materials.

The picture sums it up but think of it as using a highlighter – it reminds you: “don’t forget me!”  I did not have tissue paper but when I pack I bring some brightly colored office paper with me for this exact reason.

Thanks Martha for the idea originally!

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Having a Moving (Company) Sale this Saturday 6/22

We need to make more room in our warehouse so come shop our Garage Sale this Saturday, June 22 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon at 6620 19th Street E #108 in Sarasota, FL 34243.

Furniture, pool table, baby items and much more priced to move. For example:

– Solid wood, carved ornate pool table complete with club chairs and cue holder $600 with delivery
– Magic Chef mini fridge $100
– Lots of furniture in great shape – chairs, book shelves, entertainment center, patio set etc.
– Baby items including Bumbo chair, Baby Einstein Exer-Saucer, Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center
– Home accessories like lamps, silk plants and more
– Miscellaneous items like office desks, bicycles and bird cage

Sale will be held at Stronger Moving & Delivery Service‘s office 6620 19th Street E #108; Sarasota, FL 34243. If interested in viewing or purchasing items before Saturday, please call 941-447-9715. Otherwise, see you Saturday!Image

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Boxes: An Ode to the Wardrobe

moving supplies wardrobe box

wardrobe boxes safely stacked to protect contents

Movers know boxes.

We see them every day,

Like putting on comfy soxes,

They start a move the right way.


Okay so poet I am not … But let me share a few tips about one of our “favorite” boxes – the wardrobe box.  Of all the moving supplies, this is perhaps our favorite.  We order ours from Chris Lapi Moving Supplies in Tampa but they are available for retail purchase at almost any storage or moving supply place.


What is a wardrobe box?  It is a large box with a metal bar insert that allows clothing hanging in a closet to be easily moved without having to un-hang and re-hang everything.

How do wardrobe boxes work? After setting them up like any other box,:

  • Open the box and place the metal bar through the slots
  • Hang about 2 linear feet of clothing on hangers
  • Use space in the bottom of the box  for large but light (and unbreakable) items like pillows, shoes or bedding.

Why do we love wardrobes so much? They save the client time and make the professional movers job a little easier.  In addition, wardrobe boxes are:

  • Great for stacking in the moving truck
  • Can be used (sans hanging bar) for large pieces that are odd-shaped and need the protection of a moving box (think lamps, sculptures, silk plants).

When you call to discuss your move, we’ll ask how many wardrobe boxes you need.  Although we normally charge a $5 rental fee (or $15 to purchase them), if you mention this blog post, we’ll waive the rental fee (sorry, still have to pay if you want to buy them).  That’s right, FREE moving supplies to use on the day of your move.  That’s how much we love wardrobe boxes.

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